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When the opportunity to grow the Ridgway Yoga Shala presented itself, Katie Graves collaborated with Honga Im to create an integrated plan to provide a resource center for the healing arts in this region with yoga as the foundation.  The result is a gorgeous, supportive environment that aims to provide the tools for self-health using a mindful and educational approach.  We envision Shala Living as the tree’s roots that provide nourishment and connection to the Ridgway Yoga Shala and their daily yoga offerings as well as a host for trainings, events and an educational center. Embracing the philosophy of living yoga, Shala Living is a place to come together to share in a collective growth that supports diversity, expansion, intelligence, respect, spirituality, health and all things yoga!



Living yoga off the mat can be a challenge. With a fully supportive environment to maintain balance, stability and optimal health for our bodies, minds and spirits, Shala Living is the home for your holistic living style. From fresh pressed juices and medicinal teas, to Ayurvedic herbs and Chinese medicines, our apothecary is a resource for health maintenance. Please stop in for a visit to enjoy our offerings including:

Daily Yoga Classes - Fresh Pressed Organic Juices - Medicinal Tea House - Vegan Foods and Snacks -CBD Products - Natural Skincare - Ayurvedic Herbs -Chinese Medicine - Essential Oils - Locally Sourced Jewelry - Resources for the Healing Arts - Retreats and Workshops



At Shala Living, a large part of our mission is to illustrate the medicinal power of food.  With a strong background in nutrition and her extensive knowledge in Asian cuisine, we welcome Honga Im to our tribe.  Holistic food is the source of our energy, and we look forward to encompassing and teaching the benefits of how to integrate what we eat into the overall health of  our bodies.

Our tea house provides fresh herb elixirs, medicinal teas, and grab-and-go meals that will send you back into the world feeling rejuvenated and strong.  We offer daily fresh pressed juices that are seasonally aligned providing optimum health in accordance with our external environment. All of our menu and retail items have coordinating health benefits and qualities to alleviate  ailments. When we look to the earth to provide us with the nourishing power of food, we are not just healing ourselves, but choosing a lifestyle that is healing the world as well.



With a optimal space and central location, we look forward to hosting educational forums for local or visiting teachers who combine new age disciplines  with lineage based foundations. We design workshops to include the full spectrum of health and healing, including renowned yoga teachers, energy workers, acupuncture seminars, body workers, raw food and cooking classes, medicinal tea workshops, Ayurveda, herbalists, sound therapy, Shaman healing ceremonies, spiritual lectures, mindfulness classes, meditation seminars, and much more.  Knowledge is the gateway to advancement and we are excited to provide a home for it all.


curated offerings

by honga im + Katie graves


shala living remedies + curiosities

Our eco-friendly and socially conscious boutique supplies gifts and products that add higher vibrational energies to your lifestyle. Dry leaf teas and herbs are in stock and may be purchased in bulk.  Crystals, stones and healing rocks are available alongside beautiful, locally-made prayer malas, all of which can help shift stagnant energies. We offer a small library of poetry and books with gifts that inspire and bring awareness to mindful living. Clothing and local hand crafted arts such as jewelry, pottery, glassware and more can all be found in our sweet space. Come enjoy and share the joys of living yoga!




Honga started practicing her yoga when she had her restaurant of 28 years in Telluride.  Physically and mentally she used Yoga to repair her body and her mind.  Throughout her years as an avid skiier, climber, runner, mother and restaurateur, she found a home in yoga, bringing her to her breath, in the moment and calm throughout it all.   

Honga emphasizes that the practice on the mat is a practice for everyday life. Injuries and surgeries have brought her more devotion to yoga which has been her savior in healing.  Yoga has brought her patience and understanding getting her through obstacles with presence, grace and mobility!  

Wanting to expand on the idea of living yoga, Honga has taken this path to join with Katie and the Ridgway Yoga Shala to help others find avenues to taking care of their own health.  She passionately encourages others to discover things that support your health and compliment their life.  The medicines of the earth such as teas, tisanes, food, elixirs, plant medicine and apothecary herbs are available to supplement your daily practice all under the deep guidance and nuturing care of her sweet energy.  



Katie is a fifteen year devotional vinyasa teacher and teacher trainer of Shiva Rea’s lineage of Prana Vinaysa.   Rooted in teaching a fluid, alignment based and dynamic flow class with rhythmic music and sounds she encourages you to connect with the natural breath of the universal life force- prana.  Her classes correlate with the seasons, moon cycles and time of day, allowing an intuitive yet structured practice that leaves you bound to your inner guide, feeling connected to all beings and to a higher divinity.  Deeply rooted in the basic principles of sadhana, pranayama and meditation, Katie encourages student to find their own paths in this journey through the roots of practice and following your inner guide. Katie had the privilege of living and teaching in Costa Rica for eight years before recently moving back to Colorado and opening two local business. In an open aired ocean-view studio, she found the importance of finding our energy connecting not only with each other, but with all things in this universe; finding this bond between all elements has driven Katie to continue sharing this passion with as many as possible through yoga, meditation and positive vibrations. Katie is a devoted wife and mother of three beautiful, fun loving and active boys who are passionately supportive and her true original tribe.


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